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A - While results can vary based on location and device used for the search, we have been doing this for 13 yrs and check each and every client daily to maintain their live positions within the top 3 sponsored ads. This is the easy part actually!

A - This would be based on your current monthly budget, target area, competitiveness of the keywords you want, and what your online sales goals are. The All in One Marketing Packages include the marketing budgets and everything needed for tracking and monitoring, while the PPC Management Packages are meant for a larger monthly budget. If you have high sales goals I would invest more into your monthly marketing budget for a bigger impact.

A - We usually have everything setup with 24 hours and running, but it can take up to 3 days.

A - Absolutely Not! We have a 3 month minimum agreement as any new marketing should be given a few months to fully see the impact. After the 3 months you may cancel anytime up to 3 business days prior to your next renewal. We dont need to lock our clients into a long term contract, our service performs well, but you the first month can sometimes be a building month where need to make a lot of changes to get the lowest CPC s and stretch out the budget as much as possible, giving you the best results

A - If you are happy with them, all of your quality scores are high, you are paying a low cost per click, getting more conversions than you can handle, keep them! If not, call us and we will give you a free account review on anything that can be improved on and approx how much we can save you in month click costs.

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Most adwords accounts are improperly structured resulting in a higher cost per click. We may be able to save you up to 50% off your monthly cost.
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