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We provide call tracking numbers with our packages so we can not only track the calls that come from us, but also what source of advertising the call came from.

Dynamic Number Insertion is a very powerful tracking method. As we are creating your call tracking numbers, we are labeling each one in the account with the advertising source. One tracking number for Google, one for Bing, etc. Then we generate a Dynamic Number Insertion code that goes into the backend of your website. This hijacks your current number and replaces it with one of ours based on where the visitor came from, while retaining the same font style, size, and color.

This small script only replaces your current number if a website visitor comes from our marketing. If a visitor comes from somewhere besides Adwords or Bing, nothing will change, and your current number will display as normal.

Tracking is extremely important, and we need to know how well each campaign is performing. Dynamic Number Insertion allows us to view every call that comes from our sources.

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Most adwords accounts are improperly structured resulting in a higher cost per click. We may be able to save you up to 50% off your monthly cost.
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