PPC Marketing Can Be Very Successful if Done Properly!

With 13 years experience in pay per click search marketing, we know how to successfully set up and manage your PPC account for it's best performance. We check accounts daily and make any necessary changes needed to improve account performance.

Adword's policies change constantly. If you do not pay attention to their changes, you could lose a good portion of your PPC budget from unqualified traffic, resulting from their changes.

Close Variants is an Adwords feature that shows your ads to other keywords not in your account that they feel are good to advertise to. This is not always true! To find out what Adwords has been showing your ad under, you need to check the past 30 days of All Keywords in your account to find out.

This can no longer be turned off in your account, so attention needs to be applied here to avoid unwanted traffic eating up your PPC budget. We'll research your targeted keywords, services, and All Keywords total traffic from clicks, and apply negative keywords to your account as well as more specific targeting of your ads to your potential customers.


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Research & Account Setup

Our expert research and account creation includes the following:

  • Keyword Research and Demographical Targeting to Best Possible Customers.
  • Base PPC Account Set Up with Preferred Targeting & High Quality Scores.
  • Remarketing/Digital Ad Creation - up to 8 ads.
  • Remarketing/Digital Ad Targeted Marketing Demographical Account Creation.
  • Positioning of Keywords into Desired Positions - Top 3 usually.
  • Set Up of Marketing Dashboard, Call Tracking, Lead/Sale Conversion Tracking, Analytics Creation/Syncing with PPC Account and Monthly Scheduled Detailed Reporting.

Daily Account Management

The daily management of your account, once structured properly for high keyword quality scores and low click cost, plays a crucial role in your marketing success. Much like stocks, your account can change daily. Keyword CPC's, positioning, quality scores and effectiveness can change at any moment and do often.


If you can't manage your account daily, or your current PPC Management Company is not watching and managing this daily, your account will slowly start to deteriorate on many levels. Cost per click might go up, quality scores may drop, calls and lead conversions might slow down, and before you know it you are wondering why your online sales are decreasing.


Keyword Quality Scores

Your keyword quality scores determine how much you have to pay per click for that keyword.


  • Quality scores are a 1-10 ranking system.
  • Things that affect your score are ad relevancy, landing page relevancy, and click ratio.
  • Your entire Adwords PPC account structure is important for high quality scores.
  • Most PPC accounts have poor scores and are overpaying per click on their keywords.
  • Keyword Quality Scores under 7/10 means you are overpaying and can save money.
  • We have saved every client we have restructured money on their click cost.

Monthly Reporting

We send custom account reports each month to our clients. The reports can include many aspects of your marketing so a custom report can be created for you. Otherwise, we send an account summary, Clicks vs. Cost Graph, Visitor Time on Site, Top 10 Performing Ads, and Top 10 Performing Keywords.


Tracking your marketing is important. Many businesses overlook this and don't track actual conversions. We track every even down to click fraud so it can be stopped, as well as a basic ROI for your business. Accounts and Reporting can be customized so feel free to let us know what YOU want!

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Most adwords accounts are improperly structured resulting in a higher cost per click. We may be able to save you up to 50% off your monthly cost.
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